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OrangeFS 2.9.7 includes several updates:

  • Support for Oracle Linux 7.3 and newer.

  • Configuration support for large LMDB databases.

  • Support for Fedora 26.

  • OrangeFS rpm in Fedora distribution beginning with Fedora 27 or 28.

  • OrangeFS rpm in Fedora's EPEL repository making it available to other distributions.

  • Added example profile.d scripts.

  • Added configure option to specify your own LMDB installaton.

  • Added default conf file path/filename, if not specified on pvfs2-genconfig command line.

  • Enhanced ACL processing to be more posix-like.

Download OrangeFS 2.9.7

View the ChangeLog for the current release.

Windows Client (OrangeFS 2.9.6)

Windows Client 2.9.7 coming soon.

Please see the documentation page to find information about how to build, install, configure, and use OrangeFS.

Older releases are available.

Support and Services options are available here

OrangeFS is released under the LGPL License